Teaching is an art.  It is an art that requires constant reflection, on going professional growth, and hours of practicing your craft.  I have always believed that I learn the best when I tap into the expertise of my teacher colleagues.  I love to have conversations with fellow teachers about what works best in their classroom, and how teachers improve their individual craft.  This podcast was created to help spread that conversation.  Ready, Set, Teach is a platform for educators, of all levels, to learn something new, have a conversation about best practice, and reflect on the best source of professional development; fellow teachers.

Jason Manning is a National Board Certified teacher who has been teaching in the Oceanside School District for the last thirteen years. Mr. Manning graduated from Union College in Schenectady, New York & also received his Masters in the Art of Teaching from Union University. Mr. Manning has taught American History, Government, Economics, Global History, and has been a pioneer on Long Island in the teaching of the new Big History Course. As the lead teacher for The Big History Project, Jason works with teachers around the country helping them construct interdisciplinary lessons to meet the needs of students. For his work with Big History and ELA in Oceanside, Jason was presented the Collaborator of Excellence Award by the New York State English Council and in 2016 Jason Manning was awarded the New York State Excellence in Teaching Award.

If any teacher would like to talk about best practice, highlight a program, or share an activity used in your classroom please feel free to reach out to me at the email below.

Email: readysetteachpodcast@gmail.com