Episode 2: “Stop Calling Our Schools Failing.”

Jason Manning sits down with Marla Kilfolye to discuss issues surrounding public education and the importance of advocacy for our profession.

Marla Kilfoyle has been a Social Studies teacher in the Oceanside School District for 29 years.  Marla became a National Board Certified teacher in 2012 and has taught in rural (Limestone, ME), urban (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) and suburban (Oceanside and Valley Stream, NY) settings.  She has spent the last five years as the Executive Director of The Badass Teachers Association (BATs) a national education activist organization that fights for public education and against the attacks on the teaching profession.  Marla has had her education writings featured in The Washington Post, Diane Ravitch’s blog, the L.A. Progressive and many more national magazines.  Marla also coauthored a chapter titled Fighting for Education in the Age of Corporate Reform in the book Resisting Reform:  Reclaiming Public Education Through Grassroots Activism.  She was also a coauthor of an Amicus Brief filed in the Supreme Court for Friedrichs vs. CTA.   She travels the country speaking out against the attack on the teaching profession and public education.  Marla has been asked to testify at the United States Department of Education, in front of the NYS Assembly, and is an elected official in her union.  Most recently she was selected by Adelphi University to be the first working educator to receive The Finklestein Memorial Lecture Award which is given to those committed to the public school system.*

*To learn more about charter schools, vouchers and the impact they have on public education check out the neaToday article entitled “Stormy Weather: Our Forecast for Anti-Public Education Activities in Washington, D.C., and Around the Nation.”  By Cindy Long

Link to Article neaToday: Stormy Weather. 

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