Episode 4: “The Modern Day Fireside Chat.”

Mike Howley joins Jason Manning in the podcasting studio at Oceanside High School to discuss how the students in Mr. Howley’s journalism class are making their own podcasts and how this media platform can be used to transform classroom instruction and provide an authentic form of assessment for students.

Michael Howley is an English teacher in the Oceanside School District. Before coming to Oceanside he taught at St. Anthony’s High School in South Huntington and West Hempstead High School. His classes have included 9th grade English, World Literature Honors, a Contemporary Literature seminar alongside a Shakespeare Seminar and most recently the new Digital Journalism class at Oceanside High School. This class deals with the ever changing world of journalism and generates content to fuel the school newspaper of OHS the Sider Press. He founded Sounds of the Sailors: The Official Podcasting Network of the Sider Press (available on iTunes) and has produced three new shows for the podcasting network, which include “Coach’s Corner” “Good Morning Oceanside” and most recently “The Bridge” which he co-hosts with the student editors-in-chief of the newspaper.  Howley is also the head Coach of the OHS Girls Varsity Track & Field Team.  He has three adorable children who are fans of the pod and sometimes even gets to spend time with his lovely wife Nicole.


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